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Potential visitors to Vietnam often feel puzzled as to which tour operators to select. It is estimated that there are thousands of businesses operating tours and travels for both domestic and international tourists. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the number of such businesses is uncountable.

Choosing  tour operators makes visitors understandably hesitant. Many end up booking a tour through hotel desks, airline agencies, restaurants or travel agents. Here are a few ideas to help you narrow down from the thousands to 10 businesses.


A tour operator or a middle man? Booking a tour with a middle man doesn’t necessarily mean comfort. It can be quick and convenient when you first arrive in Vietnam.  Time constraints don’t allow you to do a thorough search and you end up booking tours and travel services with middle agencies. The result is an inflated price and the likelihood of low quality service. Try to look for a business that is fully-registered (check their business number or tax code) AND fully-licensed to organise tours. Remember, only a registered business licensed by the Vietnam Tourism Administration is permitted to operate tours. This is good for reasons of tour quality, payment security, personal safety and other legal obligations.


So, now you have narrowed your search down to about 500 tour operators. Look for an operator that provides efficient customer service throughout the day to assist with your planning. Remember, international travel is not an easy task. This is even more crucial if you visit Vietnam with children or the elderly. Use operators who answer your questions and serve your needs in one simple email or a phone call, even on weekends. Most of the 500 tour operators mentioned above have quality customer support 24 hours, 7 days a week. Check if that is also the case on Saturday and Sunday. If you have a few hundred tour operators in mind, then selection is based on their experience.


An experienced tour operator will have a better chance at making your tours a huge success. An experienced team helps to ensure that things on the ground will run as smoothly as they are planned in the office. A lot of things can change and affect your tours, such as last minute rejection of accommodation bookings, inexperienced drivers, or inexperienced office staff. And this experience really counts when it comes to advice on tour scheduling and planning, where and when to visit, cultural and social awareness, etc.


 Knowledgeable tour guides make your tours even more successful. Most tour guides are required to pass certain tests in order to obtain a service card. Some are knowledgeable but have difficulties in communicating efficiently in a foreign language. Request to have guides that meet your needs by telling the tour operator in advance.


The ability to meet requests that come at a short notice would stump many tour operators. This distinguishes an amateur and a professional service provider. Those who have a strong supply network and a high level of dedication and commitment to service will be able to respond within hours.


One size fits all is a phrase that frequently characterises tour operations in Vietnam and means that one operator tries to sell the same tour to all customers regardless of the differences in taste, needs, culture, age and budget. Look for those that offer  flexible tour programs in which you are involved in planning and scheduling. A potential operator should tailor general tours to the specific requirements of a particular customer.


Value for money is another factor for consideration. Most tours operators understand this as  competitive tour cost, without understanding the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole tour. A slightly more expensive but successful tour means more than a low-cost but unsuccessful tour. Most customers now go for the option of spending a few more dollars in order to make their holiday in Vietnam a stress-free and  a memorable experience. This is really about learning about Vietnamese culture and appreciating its magnificent landscapes and natural beauty.


Personal friendship is absent from the so-called commercial world of tourism. This is where you and the tour operator and its staff develop a personal relationship of sharing and understanding. You can be kept updated about the communities, a club, a group of children, or a project in Vietnam which you visited and supported during your tours. Look for the tour operator that provides responsible travel in addition to mass tourism and “sea sand sun”. Remember, reflection is a therapy that brings happiness and joy in life!