Costs and Payments

Depending on your taste and comfort demand, the travel cost in Vietnam varies between $15 and 250$/day. Travel cost today is a little more expensive than in the past due to the constantly high inflation in key cities. However Vietnam cost is still a great deal compared with many parts of Southeast Asia.

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The national currency in Vietnam is dong (VND), but USD is pretty widely accepted. Most tourist centers will accept both kinds of currency, whereas other businesses may prefer VND. Whenever tourists go packing, you should have enough local currency.

Room rates can be at least $5 in busy tourist centers. Spending $10 to $30, tourists will have a well-equipped room with air-conditioner, satellite TV, fridge and warm water. A room in a three-star hotel often costs $50. At the price of $100 or more, it’s five-star hotel. However, hotels in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City tend to be more expensive than those in other provinces. Tourists are free to negotiate for a discount in low tourist season. Better to book in advance than to wait until the last minutes.

Dining out is great in Vietnam. At street stalls and markets, meals can cost only $1.5 or less. Local restaurants are more comfortable and tourists will have a good meal with the cost only between $2 and $5. In some Vietnamese gourmet restaurants, drinks can cost $15; and good wines could cost $50. If you love beer hoi, enjoy 4 glasses of Hanoi beer for just $ 1.

Domestic flights are quite good for long journeys, particularly with low-cost carrier Jetstar Pacific on the scene. The price of a one-way ticket Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City is around $100. Trains with soft sleepers are also very comfortable for long distances such as Hanoi-Hue or Ho Chi Minh - Nha Trang.

Bus travel is getting higher fares due to increases in oil prices. Public bus lines between major destinations are fixed, but it is often overcharging for buses to remote areas. To maximize flexibility, a lot of travelers prefer to rent a car or 4WD with a guide. The cost is from about $30 for a city tour up to $100 or more for a day up-country tour (including food and lodging for driver). Cost for a guide is from $15 to $50, depending on the destination.



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