Beggar Fatigue

Vietnam is just like any other developing countries. In key cities like Hanoi and Saigon, tourists will see beggars and street vendors who try to earn a dollar a day.

Why this sounds so poor, and you may say it is the poverty that forces them to choose that way of living. Some social studies by famous professors have indicated that it is not the poverty but the kindness of tourists that attracts people onto the streets.

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Often when you start to eat a delicious meal, you feel a tug on our shirt sleeve. This latest ‘annoyance’ is a bony, eight-year-old boy holding his three-year-old sister in his arms. The little girl has a distended stomach and her hungry eyes are fixed on your full plate.

When you are sightseeing, a street vendor come up and ask you to buy her few bananas. She will try to grasp you, and even intimidate you. How do you deal with these situations?

Taking the matter into your own hands by giving out money or gifts to people on the streets can cause more damage than good. The more people are given handouts, the more reliant and attracted to life on the streets they become. When money is tight, people recognize that life on the streets is no longer so fruitful. This will hopefully discourage parents and ‘pimps’ forcing children and beggars onto the streets.

One way to contribute and help improve the situation is to invest just a few hours to find out about local organizations that work with street vendors, street kids and disadvantaged people. These groups are likely to make sure contributions are used in the most effective way possible to help those who need it. 

However, if you want to do something on the spot, at least avoid giving money or anything that can be sold. The elderly and the young are easily controlled and are ideal begging tools. Never to give something directly to a beggar, it’s better to give food than money. Be firm and say no if necessary.



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