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Guiding policy

Responsible travel is at the heart of Red Crane Travel. We are committed to operating tours and business trips to places around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in a socially, culturally and environmentally responsible manner, ensuring everyone involved respects and maintains the natural balance of the destination and communities. As travellers ourselves, we are well-aware of the potential impact that mass tourism can have on the locations visited. While economic gain is often fundamental to a business, it should never be at the expense of  the Indochinese cultures, societies and environment. Our philosophy is to operate journeys that have minimal negative and maximum positive impact on the places you visit. Red Crane Travel believes that giving something back to communities is essential. We therefore work with our customers, local suppliers and the communities we visit to ensure the benefits go directly to contributing to local cultures and environmental conservation. This is not only beneficial for the communities we visit, but also affords our travellers more memorable and meaningful experiences.


 What We Do

Green offices

  • Operate in an environmental friendly 3Rs office for Reducing, Re-using and Recycling.
  • Efficient use of water and electricity for air-conditioners, lighting and equipment.
  • Minimise waste disposal and support waste sorting at source.
  • We print doubled-sided and only when necessary.


Social and cultural sensitivity

  • We respect the cultural practices and traditions of visited communities.
  • We adhere to strict spiritual regulations and ethical codes of religious sites.
  • Our services promote social cohesion and mutual support between different groups of communities.
  • Our tours and tour guides are in-line with Vietnamese social norms and ethical standards.


Supporting and involving local communities

  • We create jobs by recruiting and involving local people wherever possible.
  • We support and prefer to partner directly with local businesses, services and individuals.
  • Our supplies and equipment are purchased locally wherever possible.
  • We aim to work with partners who operate their own local initiatives.
  • Our Red Crane Fund supports local initiatives that empower marginalised or vulnerable groups.


Environmental sensitivity

  • We use transportation means that meet Vietnamese environmental standards.
  • We promote efficient use of natural resources.
  • We minimise environmental impacts.
  • We partner with suppliers and businesses that share our commitment to environmental responsibility.


 Red Crane fund

Our philosophy on responsible travel and our commitment to social, cultural and environmental preservation has led us to set up a fund for development priorities in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. A part of net profits goes to the fund for these purposes. At the end of the financial year, the fund is audited and the balance amount made public through the corporate website, newsletters and social media. While Red Crane Travel and partners work together to discuss the use of the fund on prioritised issues in Indochina in the first instance, our customers are certainly welcome to suggest ideas and new initiatives that help sustainable development in Vietnam. Red Crane Travel works with partners to ensure that appropriate outcomes are achieved as a result of fund support. To have a say, simply register your email on our home page. We believe that sustainable travel is a fair sharing of profits and responsibilities among businesses, communities and customers. We promote responsible travel to all markets and sincerely hope that customers support our philosophy by joining hands with us, contributing to volunteer initiatives or donating directly to communities in need of extra support.


Thank you for visiting us. If you want some help with your travel plan, do not hesitate to contact our experienced and service-minded travel consultants. We guarantee that our advice will assist you with designing your memorable Indochina tours.


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